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GOiN's apps, tools and versatility enable you to create and explore great projects in a fun, mobile and rewarding way.

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I'm an Explorer. Are there any hidden fees?

You are priceless for us and for GOiN's creators because you will buy the access to the projects published in the platform. This is a very important reason to offer you GOiN for free. No, nada, zero!

Is there a catch?

Nope, no funny-nasty business. All it takes to start your account is an email address. We don't even need your name, address or any identification information.

Do I have to worry about selling my data?

No, don't worry about that! An important goal we considered when we started GOiN was to make sure we provide our users with security and privacy for the data they store in the platform. In addition, we still do not store any personal data in our platform today. GOiN was from the beginning what we understand today through GDPR compliant.

Money in your pocket

Even if you are going to buy the access to the projects of the creators which are using GOiN to sell own projects or to cash money through online payments being a creator and selling your projects, your money will be in your pocket. The buyer will pay directly to the project's organizer. The money leaves the buyer's bank account and goes to the organizer's bank account. GOiN is free for you and do not touch your money.

I'm a Creator. Are there any hidden fees?

We and GOiN's Explorers are expecting you to create memorable experiences for us. This is a very important reason to offer you for free all you need to create great projects. No, nada, zero!

Are there any limits?

Of course not! If you haven't heard yet, you are going to enjoy using all the features you need to create and explore, GOiN is free now and forever.

How should I create an account to create projects?

Easy! Simply create and activate a new account (if you haven't already done it), navigate to your account menu and choose "Become an Organzier". Complete the Online shop settings and choose the online payment provider you like. With all the information at your fingertips, this takes a few tens of seconds. Maybe less!

I have other questions! How can I get in touch with GOiN?

We integrated Drift to be able to assist and support you during your visit to GOiN website. If you like to get in touch with us by sending an email, please feel free to do that.


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Launched in 2013, we continued with perseverance and passion to build GOiN. With gratitude, Andre, Atti and all our best friends!

Big thanks to SoloPx.com for amazing design for GOiN Explorer and GOiN Organizers mobile apps

To develop GOiN we are using Bootstrap framework, icons from Font Awesome, web fonts from Google and Gitlab. Many thanks for the great help we got using this technologies.

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