How to create projects

An overview of creating and selling projects with GOiN.

Money into your pocket

Fully and directly, surely without any fees or commissions

The full amount of money any GOIN user will pay for the goods offered through your projects will directly reach your bank account. Thus, you are able to get the cash long before the project starts. No more waiting, strong cash-flow for you.

We are not online payment experts, so we've integrated specialized payment processors into our platform. You will find the full list of the payment processors in your GOiN account, and you can choose whatever you want.

Great creators are happy

Your project is ready

In just few clicks your project is ready. You'll love GOiN and the freedom you'll achieve to create the things you like more. Don't waste your talent, do what you know best.

Your optimized online shop

Sell more by selling online

From 100% mobile-optimized purchase flow to mobile apps needed for exploring and validation, GOiN is helping you to delight your attendees and make them coming back.

Create shining projects

Beautiful projects, great experiences

Create shining projects by providing full and impressive information to your clients. Include YouTube videos, Google Map location, poster and description of your projects, and so many more. Everything is at your fingertips!

100% Free and loved

Inspiring and challenging the users, running for you

GOiN will always be free (without any fees and commissions) and unlimited, and is helping you and a lot of other organizers to create remarkable and impressive experiences.

Sell online your projects

More freedom with, friendly mobile ticketing solution

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