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An overview of exploring projects with GOiN Explorer.

GOiN Explorer

A smart mobile app for smart people

GOiN Explorer is the mobile app companion for smart people who love freedom and challenges. The app will always help you find and explore your home city and any city in the world. Anytime and anywhere.

Easy to use, useful and secured

What you need, when you need

GOiN Explorer will provide you quick and secure access your GOiNS (tickets, subscriptions, etc.), GOiN helps you find next challenge and will keep your friends close to you.

Buy from many

Buy from many using GOiN

GOiN Explorer will always find for the best projects created by great organizers all arround the world. Explore the city in a mobile way and chose to buy what you really love.

Send to your friends

Share experience, by sharing GOiNs

Wherever you are, whenever you want you'll send GOiNs securely to your friends. This way you'll meet together and enjoy great moments you never forget. Buy ones, share unlimited.

100% Free and Ad free

A free app for you

We offer a 100% free app and ad free for you to explore the next experiences right away. 360 Today or 360 Future, Share GoiN or Add Buddy, and the rest of the functionalities are free!

Be sure we're not going to mess around with your data, because, well, that's just creepy.

Sell online your projects

More freedom with, friendly mobile ticketing solution

About us

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Launched in 2013, we continued with perseverance and passion to build GOiN. With gratitude, Andre, Atti and all our best friends!

Big thanks to for amazing design for GOiN Explorer and GOiN Organizers mobile apps

To develop GOiN we are using Bootstrap framework, icons from Font Awesome, web fonts from Google and Gitlab. Many thanks for the great help we got using this technologies.

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