Become an Organizer

To use modules and features you need to create a new account. It is easy and we are not requesting bank card or similar sensitive information.

To become an Organizer (Creator of projects), you need to configure Your shop settings. To do that, please access the section Become an Organizer and pass the following 3 easy steps (see below). online shop settings

Step 1: Online shop settings

Click on Edit online shop settings button to set up:

  • Commercial information: your company commercial information is requested in order to offer to your future customers the receipts of the transactions they will make by buying GOiNs for the projects you are selling.
  • Your online shop name (URL): we suggest to choose an easy to remember name for your online shop on; the name you'll choose will be part of your unique URL on platform.

Note: After this step, please try to not change your online shop name (URL). If you do so, please check with the payment provider if your online payment account is still active and/or working fine (one issue you may have is the improper functioning of the online payments for your projects on

Step 2: Online payment settings

We want that the money paid by your customers for the GOiNs of the projects you are selling will go directly to your bank account. For this, please select from the list one of the online payment providers we are working with and supply the requested information. Access online payment provider name you want to configure for your's online shop (e.g. NETOPIA mobilPay for Romanian organizers).

Note: if you do not have an online payment account for any of the providers we are working with, please chose one to create an account.

Step 3: Put your shop in LIVE mode

After the above steps are completed, please click the blue button (with the name "Current shop status: OFF") and follow the steps described. Successfully finishing this step, the button name will be "Current shop status: LIVE" and the button color will be green.

Note: if Your shop settings web page looks like in the image above, then your shop is LIVE mode.

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