Create Ristretto project

The Ristretto project characteristics

Please review the Ristretto project characteristics.

  • Duration: max 7 days
  • Validation code: Yes (your customers will need to input the validation code displayed on GOiN Organizer mobile app to generate a valid QR Code with GOiN Explorer mobile app; this way the you'll avoid to have illegal entries with the same GOiN/s)
  • GOiNs per plan: Max. 100 GOiNs per plan (you can sell maximum 100 GOiNs for one plan type)
  • Plans per project: Unlimited (you can create/sell GOiNs for unlimited plans)
  • Availability: starting with 1st day of the project, during project period
  • Validations: 1 validation per GOiN
  • Shareable: Yes (your customers can share GOiNs with them Buddies)
  • Selling price: Min. 1 RON (minimum selling price of a GOiN is 1 RON, maximum 99.99 RON)
  • Acquisition: each of your customers can buy max. 10 GOiNs per project

Step 1: Information about the project

First, you need to add information about your project: the name, the description, start and end date. We suggest you to carefully choose the category that suits to your project as well as its topic. This information is displayed in the selling project web page, and will be displayed in the Gallery section of GOiN Explorer mobile app.

Click Next button to go forward, or click Save & Exit and the project will be save as Draft.

Step 2: Add location to project

Now you will be able to add a location for your project; you can choose one locations from the list you defined before, or simply to create a new one. It is easy, you will find the location you need using Google Maps. Please define the location properly and the GOiN Explorer will assist your customers to arrive on time.

Step 3: Add plans to project

Now you can add as many plans you want for your project. Keep in mind that a customer can buy and securely store in GOiN Explorer more GOiNs of different plans. Please note that the price for plans you'll create need to be greater then zero.

Step 4: Add scanner/s to project

You will need to add at least one scanner to publish the Ristretto project. You can allocate one or more scanners from your list, or you can create a new scanners. You will need the scanner/s in order to validate the GOiNs bought by your customers.


  • please note that you can not run simultaneously on many device the credentials of the same scanner!
  • if you have projects which overlap the period, you need to allocate one or more different scanners for each

Step 5: Publish and sell the project with

If Publish button is active, you can click it and the Ristretto project will be published and for sale. Congratulations, your project is on sale now!

Important: before to start to create new projects with, please be sure that your shop is in LIVE mode. Otherwise, you'll not be able to sell your projects.

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