E-tickets and M-tickets benefits for you

E-tickets vs. M-tickets, different benefits for you

E-tickets: print it!

Known around the world as e-tickets, e-tickets are the digital equivalent of a printed ticket. As a result of the purchase and receipt of an e-ticket, the owner has the obligation to print it in order to exercise its rights.

Like traditional paper tickets, e-tickets contain a code that uniquely identifies them. This gives to the businesses which are using this kind of  ticketing solution a relative security, the e-ticketing are mostly used for low to medium value of their goods or services.

Used since the 1990's, more precisely since 1994, e-tickets have as objective the integration of the online channel (internet) into the sales flow of businesses: e.g. the simplification of the purchase and the shortening of the time needed for their reception as a benefit to the end customers. The e-tickets are automatically sent by businesses and received by the customers using the email format.

Final customers buy e-tickets that they then print to consume the rights they acquire with the purchase. As a matter of fact, many businesses using e-tickets promote their services and communicate using the phrase printed at home from the desire to highlight the major advantage they offer to their customers.

After printing on paper, the e-tickets are checked manually and sometimes is additionally required an identity document (e.g. passport or identity card for boarding for an airfare).

The first businesses which were using e-tickets are from the rail and air transport industry, the entertainment industry (shows, etc.), the tourism industry and others. Today e-tickets are used by many more businesses in many ways and in many industries. The information we found about the first use concerns a US company that started in 1994 to use e-tickets to sell excursions to the general public.

The main advantages of e-tickets are:

  1. reduced delivery time (from weeks to days by mail),
  2. reduced logistics costs (eg production and effort for order and delivery management),
  3. "relative" securing of their consumption and boost sales by using the online environment.

M-tickets or mobile tickets: display it!

Known also as mobile, m-tickets do not imply paper-based printing as a condition for their use. To use m-tickets it is enough to display them on the screen of the mobile phone. M-tickets contain a QR Code or, more rarely, a Bar Code that is automatically verified and validated before to use a service or to receive a good.

The fact that m-tickets involve the use of a smartphone was considered a barrier in the early years. Given the massive use of such equipment worldwide, today this is no longer an impediment but the use of such digital ticketing platform is a must have for all the small to large businesses. M-tickets offer more advantages compared to e-tickets. In addition to the fact that m-tickets can be ordered, paid, received and validated using only the smartphone, by far the most important advantage is that they provide maximum security when properly used.

In so many cases, the "use" of m-tickets does not provide enough security and simplification: neither for business nor for end-consumer. Usually m-tickets are sent by e-mail (as well as e-tickets! why?) and are checked manually or "only on trust" (I have had such experience at the National Theater in Bucharest, Romania).

The GOiN.mobi platform uses m-tickets that customers can buy with their mobile phone or computer, and then they receive and store them securely inside GOiN Explorer mobile application available for iOS and Android. In addition to the fact that GOiN Explorer is secured with the client's account (valid email and password), QR codes for m-tickets we are providing are generated ad-hoc, are unique and have a life of 20 seconds.

After this time when they are supposed to be verified and validated, the m-tickets are becoming not valid and needs to be regenerated to user action with GOIN Explorer. Through GOIN Explorer, customers' m-tickets are protected against theft or damage to the phone, and organizers are protected against fraud (in the case of m-tickets sent by email there is a possibility of fraud!).

Another advantage for organizers who create and sell events through the GOiN.mobi platform is that they only need a mobile phone to install and run GOiN Organizer mobile application for the validation of m-tickets their. The validation process does not involve special equipment, with GOiN Organizer you can validate m-tickets wherever the event takes place, and you can have many validation points: fast and secure access to your events!

Is not strange that today there are many organizers who struggle with themselves, as well as clients with a procurement process that does not use e-tickets or m-tickets although they use the online channels over internet? Is not it odd that the customers are forced to pass 8-9 steps until they'll receive the tickets when they can finish the aquisition process with no more then 3-4 steps?!

Important to all of us is that the m-tickets are eco friendly compared to e-tickets that need to be printed. This is what we all enjoy and it is a small step we take to protect the environment. So we invite you to create and explore interesting projects on the GOiN.mobi platform! What are you waiting for?


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