Facebook & LinkedIn: how to sell online your events FOR FREE

Facebook and LinkedIn are the most used  social media platforms

You and other project creators around the world use Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms extensively to sell workshops, conferences and other similar events. You have been very successful in promoting your events and projects using social media.

Unfortunately, you have not benefited so far from a good online solution to cash money as a result of selling tickets.

GOiN.mobi helps you to sell online events with  no cost

All project creators using the GOiN.mobi platform sells for free the projects they create. To create projects on the GOiN.mobi platform, you need an active account on the platform. Follow this link to create a new account.

Create new account using web browser

Creating a project in GOiN.mobi is just as simple as creating a Facebook event. You need an image for the event, the title and description, the date and time of the start, the date and time of your project.

Create new project on GOiN.mobi

Once an event has been created in GOiN.mobi, an event page that has a unique link (GOiN.mobi link) will be generated automatically. Use the GOiN.mobi link to distribute it through all the channels you currently use: social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), email (including newsletter), SMS, WhatsApp or other else.

Sell your event on Facebook 🚀 with no cost

If you created a page on Facebook for your project (Events section), then all you nedd to do is to copy the GOiN.mobi link to the Tickets section. In this way, everyone on Facebook who will find your project interesting will be able to pay for tickets instantly.

They will click on the Tickets and will land on your GOiN.mobi event's page (see below an exemple) where they can pay online to buy tickets for your project. Money will go directly into your bank account.

Simple for everyone!

Project or event page on GOiN.mobi

Sell your event on LinkedIn  no cost

If you want to use LinkedIn to promote your project, then you can insert the GOiN.mobi link into your posts. The link is optimized and your post will be beautifully displayed.

All those on LinkedIn who will find your project interesting will be able to buy tickets online. Your business is digitized.

Your customers will appreciate the benefits of technology!

What do you solve  through GOiN.mobi?


Problem 1: Online payment

The biggest problem for all project creators is to sell online the projects they create. Integration and maintenance of the online payment function and the functions that result from it (financial-accounting, ticket delivery, validation and so on) generate additional costs that are hard to bear by organizers.

 This problem is solved by those who are using GOiN.mobi.


Problem 2: Positive cash-flow, zero financial pressure for you

The second major problem is that all the costs involved in organizing projects and events must be covered from your own pocket.

If you choose to sell your projects with GOiN.mobi, the money paid for tickets comes directly to your bank account. This will make you have a better cash-flow because you will cash the money before the project start and, implicitly, the financial pressure will be reduced or will disappear altogether for you.

 With GOiN.mobi platform you can focus on what you like and don't waste resources on costly processes!


Problem 3: Reduce additional costs

Ticket delivery, financial management, invoicing, ticket validation are processes that are part of every project. These processes brings costs that you have to pay each time: either cash or your stuff effort.

Using GOiN.mobi, the costs for boring processes will disappear.

Create new account on GOiN.mobi


GOiN.mobi is the mobile and online platform that aims to create a safe and secure environment for buyers and sellers in which to make useful transactions on both sides.

The concepts and technologies involved will help you improve your financial performance, help you get rid of costly processes. Start now !

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