Caring is sharing at the National Opera in Timisoara

At the 13th edition, the "Pentru voi" gala will bring the musical "Sound of Music" under the lights of the National Opera in Timisoara. One of the most beautiful musicals whose songs have loved and hummed for decades will be performed by the Orchestra, Choir and the soloists of the Music and Theater Faculty of the West University of Timisoara, under the baton of Peter Oschanitzkyi, a concept artistic appearance of the director Nicolae Branzeu.

The most important charity event in Timisoara for people with disabilities is a charity show, to support the social services provided by "Pentru Voi" Foundation, benefiting 200 people with intellectual disabilities.

Those who choose to support this donation will receive invitations to the show. For one or more RON 50 donations, invitations will be offered with seats in the “STAL/BALCOANE” areas, and for donations RON 100, invitations will be offered in the "LOJE/AVANLOJE CENTRALE" areas. For donations RON 50, the invitations are M-Ticket type (mobile ticket) and will be delivered by the platform with GOiN Explorer mobile app (iOS and Android).

“It is a joy for us that platform helps to the success of the charity event created by “Pentru voi” Foundation. The work of the Foundation is impressive for me, which is an extra responsibility for the services we are committed to offer. We will not stop here and we will receive with open arms all the creators of valuable cultural and education projects in Romania – it is hard for me to find serious reasons for those who charge for the significant efforts the project creators make to bring their projects to scenes across the country. We’ll always help the project creators, we unconditionally support the development of Romania through cultural and educational projects. Many thanks to Mrs. Laila Onu and Mrs. Simona Hanga for the trust they have given us, I assure them of all our attention for the collaboration that we start with this formidable event. We also give our appreciation and thanks to all companies and individuals who support the Foundation’s efforts.” – Andrei Mirlogeanu, founder and architect,

Follow this link on to donate online or start to create your first project for free.

About “Pentru voi” Foundation

Established in 1996, having founders of the Romanian Association “Speranţa” in Timişoara and a Dutch foundation, “Pentru Voi” Foundation acted and acts through social services offered to adults with intellectual disabilities in Romania and is

  • the only non-governmental organization in Timisoara offering community services for adults with intellectual disabilities and
  • the only one in Romania that offers such a diverse range of services.

The Foundation has developed as a sustainable organization based on local community support, partnership with the Timisoara Local Council, governmental and international cooperation as well as its own income-generating activities.

Prizes won over the past 5 years

  • 2nd Prize in the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” category, in the prestigious competition “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Romania organized by Ernst & Young in 2014.
  • The first “Disability Excellence Award” awarded by the Ministry of Labor and the National Authority for Disabled People in the “Impact in the Community” section, 2016
  • “Zero Project Awardee 2017” Award for Innovative Practice in Promoting the Employment of People with Disabilities
  • “Solidarity-Gheorghe Ciobanu” Prize for Charitable Activities at the Banat Excellence Gala 2017

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