Gallery section of GOiN Explorer mobile app

Gallery section is the secured place GOiN Explorer mobile app where you'll find the GOiNs you bought or you received from your Buddies. The features of this screen are detailed below.

GOiN Explorer | See the GOiNs you own

GOiNs feature

Using this feature, the app will display the full list of the GOiNs you bought for the current project; selecting one or more GOiNs you'll be able to Share GOiNs to your Buddies or to generate the QR Code for validation.

GOiN Explorer | Find project location using To The Gate features

To the Gate feature

Using this feature, GOiN Explorer will open the default "maps" application of your mobile phone which will guide to the project location using maps (e.g. Google Maps or similar).

GOiN Explorer | Find out project details

Project details feature

Using this feature, you will get complete description details about the project; the details are edited by the project creator, please read it carefully.

GOiN Explorer | Generate the QR Code for validation

QR Code feature

When one or more GOiNs will be selected and using this feature, GOiN Explorer will display the message "Input the numbers displayed on scanner!"; now you need to input these numbers which are generated by GOiN Organizer (the free mobile app we are offering to the Organizers to check GOiNs) and the QR Code will be displayed on your phone screen. The QR Code will be check by project Organizer and, if the validation is succesfull, you will access the project.

Share GOiNs feature

When one or more GOiNs will be selected and using this feature, the full list of your Buddies will be displayed; you can select one buddy to share the GOiNs with. When you'll share one or more GOiNs, your Buddy will be notified by email. Be sure that your Buddy instantly will get the GOiNs you shared with and the GOiNs will dissaper from your Gallery. Your Buddy will have full controll of the GOiNs you shared.

Back feature

Using this feature, GOiN Explorer will display the main screen (regardless of the screen you are in, if you access this feature the main screen will be displayed).

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