Get M-tickets on your mobile phone

Get your tickets on the mobile smartphone

The tickets how you call them, GOINs as we name

Tickets for cultural events, participation in workshops or conferences, subscription to the gym are all called GOiNs in the platform - generic called tickets, the GOiNs are all types of digital goods you purchase through the mobile platform ticketing GOiNs do not intend to replace tickets, subscriptions or other types of documents that represent your right to a service or product (which are, for example, printed on paper).

GOiNs are strictly representing the digital form with which we are offering you a better experience simply because the whole process of buying and receiving e-commodities proceeds much faster - usually no more than 1 minute (!). By using GOiNs instead of traditional tickets, the whole process is automated and rolled out through our platform. Apart from the fact that the time you need to consume to go through the acquisition and reception process is compressed in less than 1 minute, matters such as security of your goods and mobility are benefits that we are happy to offer you.

The acquisition process

You will say that the acquisition process on is similar to other platforms (e.g. Eventim, Eventbrite, Ticketmonster and so on). Very true! We invite you to use GOiN Explorer free app for mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) and you will understand: exploring and acquiring digital assets for projects (events, workshops, conferences, etc.) that take place around you or anywhere in the world using just the mobile phone is a different experience (see below the Advantages and Benefits you have using GOiN Explorer).

In addition to buying GOiNs using your mobile phone, you'll be able to go through the purchase process using a laptop or computer. We made it as simple as possible for you.

Reception of tickets or GOiNs

Unlike the purchase that can be completed from your mobile phone or laptop, GOiNs can only be received on mobile devices through the GOiN Explorer free mobile application. This information - according to which you will receive GOiNs on your mobile phone - is mentioned under the "CHECK AVAILABILITY" button on the pages of each project available on the mobile ticketing platform .

Ticket / GOiNs reception on mobile is a major feature of the platform (we recommend that you read the article is the # 1 FREE & MOBILE ticketing platform for workshops, conferences and similar events article).

Receiving GOiNs in GOiN Explorer

  1. Download and install GOiN Explorer on your mobile phone (Android and iOS version information)
  2. Sign in to GOiN Explorer app using your email address and password on
  3. Go to the Synchronize section of your app (this way the information from your account is synced with the information you have into your mobile phone)
  4. Go to the Gallery section of the app (details about all the features of Gallery section)


Reception of tickets on mobile phones is the most advanced form ever implemented worldwide. The benefits and benefits are major, the most important of which you find below.

Benefits of using GOiN Explorer, the mobile application of the mobile ticketing platform

  1. Purchase flexibility: you can buy tickets and other types of digital goods using mobile or desktop/laptop devices.
  2. Easier for you: The acquisition process is generally done in 8-9 steps on most of the event, workshop, conferencing, and other similar websites; on the number of steps you need to go through is 3.
  3. More freedom to explore: with GOiN Explorer you'll explore and buy GOiNs in mobile mode during a walk in the park or visiting a new city, send GOINs / digital tickets to your friends and you'll be guided to the gate of the next event using Google Maps.

Benefits of using GOiN Explorer, the mobile application of the mobile ticketing platform

  1. Shorter time an cost to invest for digital goods acquisition/reception: Time invested by you in the digital goods acquisition and receipt processes is reduced to less than 1 minute. Together with that, you'll not need to pay the courier for tickets delivery.
  2. Security for your e-commodities: the fact that your digital assets are stored in your account gives you much greater security (eg comparing with online ticket platforms which are sending the tickets by email). We guarantee that no matter what happens to your mobile devices (malfunction, theft or viruses), your e-commodities will remain safe.
  3. Projects for many organizers: it's unpleasant to install an app for each participation to as event created by a new organizer; through you have access to the projects (workshop, conference and similar events) created by many organizers. One application, several events.

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