GOiN.mobi is the #1st FREE & MOBILE ticketing platform for workshops, conferences and similar events

GOiN.mobi is the first free and mobile ticketing platform: is free for customers and free organizers (our customers). The main objectives of the current article is focused on the advantages and benefits the organizers will get using the platform (you ?!).

Why GOiN.mobi is #1st FREE ticketing platform?

The GOiN.mobi mobile ticketing platform is free for customers (people who will buy tickets for workshops, conferences and similar events published into GOiN.mobi platform by event organizers), and also is free for organizers of workshops, conferences and similar events (our customers). Both of them, the customers and the organizers need to create an account to use GOiN.mobi platform.

All the services and features you need to create, to publish, to sell, to deliver and to validate the tickets for your events are 100% free. For the organizers who want to sell online tickets for workshops, conferences and similar events, our monetization policy does not imply ticket fees and not imply any fees for the use of GOiN.mobi's services and features mentioned above.

All our premium features and services will be offered to all our customers and they will buy only if they will appreciate their added value.  In no way the use of our platform will not be conditioned or restricted by the purchase of premium services or features we are offering.  It is our mission to create and offer valuable features and services our customers will want to buy. - Andrei Mîrlogeanu, founder and architect of GOiN.mobi

Summarizing, GOiN.mobi does not charge organizers for ticket sales or for the use of services and features needed from creating and publishing projects to  selling, delivering and validating the tickets for the workshops, conferences and similar events they sell with us. Together with that, you will be delighted to find out that the organizers are able to validate the tickets for their projects in a mobile way; we are offering for FREE the GOiN Organizer mobile app which validating tickets in a snap.

The most appreciated advantages and benefits by the organizers enrolled in GOiN.mobi, the #1st free mobile ticketing platform, are:

  • We are the #1st ticketing platform without ticket fees and all standard services and features free of charge.
  • Using our platform, the money goes directly and completely into the organizer's bank account (without fees).
  • To create a new project with GOiN.mobi mobile ticketing platform it is easier to create one on Facebook.
  • To validate the tickets bought by the customers, the organizers are using GOiN Organizer FREE mobile application, with which they will lift any chance their events be defrauded.

IMPORTANT: if you know or you will find other mobile ticketing platform having at least one of the above attributes (our customers are appreciating most!), send us the link and we'll reward you by giving For Life Plan to access to all GOiN.mobi premium services and features (!). 

Why GOiN.mobi is #1st MOBILE ticketing platform ?

The mobile type of platform is the most advanced platform model from technologically point of view (most advanced concepts and technologies, security), but also as user experience (usability, advanced features). A mobile platform is the platform that offers its users exclusive experience through a mobile app designed, designed, developed and implemented strictly for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

GOiN.mobi is the first mobile ticketing platform to offer its users the best experience for exploring, identifying, purchasing and securing tickets at workshops, conferences, and similar events, through its mobile application GOIN Explorer - it is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and all customer needs in the purchasing flow are met through the app.

Other online ticketing platforms like Eventbrite or Eventim (by the way, which are not FREE!) are offering at most similar functionality and a part of them compared to a mobile ticketing platform. Because one or more of the functions are running through related applications (such as delivery which is fulfilled through email message in Gmail), or because these platforms do not offer a mobile applications that include all major features the users need (from exploring and identifying interesting offers to validation or sharing tickets), these platforms do not qualify as mobile ticketing platforms.

The mobile platform is the newest and most evolved model created by technology and marketing specialists who have sought to provide users with a superior experience so far. This goal is fulfilled by the fact that users have the opportunity to go through the purchasing flow, from exploration to acquisition of exciting commercial proposals for them, using only the mobile phone.

Certainly none of the existing online platforms can offer an experience as good as GOiN.mobi, neither for the customer nor for the organizer. The GOiN Explore application is free of charge and is dedicated to customers who will buy tickets from organizers. Taking into account the fact that ticket security is a very important aspect, we are glad that the exploration features we have integrated in GOiN Explore are among the most appreciated by users. With these features, users can easily identify and buy the offers that the organizers who have enrolled in our platform offer for sale:

  • 360 Today feature: by accessing 360 Today from the GOiN Explorer application that is downloaded and installed on the mobile phone, the users will be able to see all the events around their current location that are about to take place on the current day.
  • 360 Future feature: by accessing 360 Future from the GOiN Explorer application that is downloaded and installed on your mobile phone, the users will be able to see immediately all the events around a location they choose anywhere in the world (long tap on the map displayed on mobile device screen) that is going to take place at a future date they choose.

Let us know your feedback, we'll be happy to hear your crazy ideas. Have a nice experience wirh GOiN.mobi!

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