How to start exploring?

With GOiN Explorer mobile app running on your device, we empower you with more freedom to explore. The GOiN Explorer features will help you to explore for projects arround the World (360 Future feature) and arround your current location (360 Today feature).

Future feature of GOiN Explorer mobile app

Using a touchscreen long tap on the map in 360 Future screen, you will define the location arround which you'll find out about interesting projects published in Choose the starting date and the radius arround the location, and you'll get the information in a snap. Buy GOiNs and enjoy the experience!

Future feature of GOiN Explorer mobile app

In 360 Today you will find out interesting projects arround your current location; all the information you'll get it is about projects published inh which are starting today. This way is easier and quicker for you to get what you like. Buy GOiNs and enjoy the experience!


  • in 360 Future you will define the location arround which you'll get information
  • in 360 Today the location arround which you'll get the information is your current location

360 Future feature of GOiN Explorer

With 360 Future, you need to choose the location (the reference point) arround which you need information, the radius arround it, and the starting date (any date starting with tomorrow). 360 Future will give you the opportunity to explore more exciting experiences in your future holidays by helping you buy tickets or other types of access passes just by using your mobile phone.

Touchscreen long tap to define the location in 360 Future feature of GOiN Explorer mobile app

How define the location (reference point)

First of all, you need to define the refference point arround which you want to get information about projects published in To do that, just touchscreen long tap on the map.

Define the start date in 360 Future feature of GOiN Explorer mobile app

Pick the start date (any date from tomorrow)

With 360 Future you'll be able to find out projects that starts any date from tomorrow. If you need projects that are starting today, please go to 360 Today feature.

Define radius in 360 Future feature of GOiN Explorer mobile app

Increase or decrease the radius

If you need to find out more projects, you can increase the radius. This way GOiN Explorer will search for a wider surface area for projects that suits for you (min. 1 km, max. 10 km).

Buy GOiNs in 360 Future feature of GOiN Explorer mobile app

Buy your access passes using only your mobile device

Even you are in map or list mode, you can tap this icon to buy tickets or access passes (we call them GOiNs). All you need to close the trasaction is your mobile device.

List view in 360 Future feature of GOiN Explorer mobile app

Switch between map view and list view

You can see the projects published in in map view (each pin is representing one or more projects), or in list view (the most approached projects to the point of reference are in the top of the list). Switch between the views using this feature.

Find out your current location using GOiN Explorer mobile app

Explore future projects arround your current location

First time you access 360 Future feature, GOiN Explorer mobile app will provide information arround your current location. Use this feature anytime you need to find future projects arround your current location.

360 Today feature of GOiN Explorer

With 360 Today, you can find fantastic projects that are starting soon today in a location around (the information is provided for 5 km radius arround your current locatiob). Keep calm and buy the GOiNs (tickets and any type of access passes) using your smartphone device.

Good to know

After you download and install GOiN Explorer mobile app into your device, you will be able to do all you like and you'll have a great experience during your exploration. With GOiN Explorer installed into your device, you'll be able to create a new account, to explore around you or in any part of the world, to buy, and receive or send tickets, vouchers and other nice stuff from your buddies (we named them GOiNs). Even if you created the GOiN account to explore, please keep in mind that you can express anytime your imagination by creating fantastic projects using the's account. You can become an Organizer when you want. Have fun!

Important: please do not share your GOiN's account credentials with another person, thank you in advance for your help to create together a great community.

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