Online payment settings for Netopia mobilPay

Why NETOPIA mobilPAy?

For you and all the Organizers from Romania, we choose NETOPIA mobilPay like payment service provider (PSP). This payment service provider will be in charge with the your online payments. We chose this provider as a result of the market analysis we performed from which it resulted that NETOPIA mobilPay offers the best price / service ratio; depending on the volume of transactions you anticipate, you will find out the costs involved in processing your online transactions by contacting a NETOPIA mobilPay: (please let us know if you have difficulty concluding the online payment contract).

Step 1: Create NETOPIA mobilPay new account

In order to receive the money paid by your customers directly into your bank account, you need an online payment account. To create NETOPIA mobilPay new account, follow this link

For the screen described in the image below, please use the following settings:

  • Nume: + your company name
  • Categorie: Companii/Firme
  • Descriere: Vanzari/Firme
  • URL: https//
  • Site-ul este in constructie: Do not check
  • Metode de plata acceptate: Check


Step 2: Legal documents

  1. Access your NETOPIA mobilPay account, download, sign and stamp the legal documents which are automatically generated (see details on Netopia mobilPay website:, and do not forget to send them by courier to the NETOPIA office (the office address you'll find in the legal documents).
  2. Email notification: send an email message to (include as in CC to: and request the activation of your online payment services. Because is ready and no test is needed and to notify our NETOPIA mobilPay that it is about a integration, please include into email message the note: "Fara verificare - pentru integrare / Without verification - for integration".

Note: After they will receive the legal documents you sent, you'll get an email message from NETOPIA mobilPay to confirm that your account is active  (ussualy no more then 3 hours).

Step 3: Setup your online shop on

After you send the email notification (see previous chapter), you can go forward to configure your online shop on

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